Hey there! I’m Elton, the mastermind behind EverythingNew.com, where my love for gadgets is only rivaled by my knack for turning coffee into questionable business decisions.

About the team...

Dive into EverythingNew.com, where we’re convinced that the cutting edge isn’t sharp enough unless you’re riding it like a skateboard. Led by Elton, a man whose idea of a balanced diet is alternating between coffee and innovation, our team is on a relentless quest to bring you the freshest slices of creativity, tech, and business. Imagine a place where brainstorming sessions are fueled by the sheer panic of Elton accidentally setting his notes on fire (again) and where the line between genius and “oops” is thinner than our office’s last tablet (it met a tragic end involving a “revolutionary” app and a large magnet).

Here at EverythingNew.com, we’re more than just a website; we’re a circus of innovation, with Elton as the ringmaster and technology as the tightrope. We explore the latest in tech, not just because we can, but because Elton already bought it and we have to justify the expense somehow. Our take on business is about as conventional as a smartphone with a rotary dial, and our creative ideas often require a safety net.

Follow us into the labyrinth of the future, where every article is a treasure map, and every product review is a survival guide. With Elton leading the charge, armed with gadgets that haven’t officially been invented yet, we’re decoding the mysteries of creativity, tech, and business, all while trying to remember where we parked our jet-powered hoverboard.

Welcome to EverythingNew.com, where the future is so bright, we have to wear night-vision goggles. Let’s explore the unexplored, invent the uninvented, and maybe, just maybe, find a better place to store Elton’s experimental laser pen.